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How to Write Your Best College Essay

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When someone reads your essay, they shouldn’t just be reading your words, they should also be feeling them. The mark of every great writer is their ability to evoke emotion from the reader. Every word you use and every sentence you compose should convey some type of feeling. How to Infuse Passion Into Your Essay […]

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Some Help, Please

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I had deeply hoped I could avoid this before publishing some new work; unfortunately, I can’t. With just a few days to go before the first of the month, I have only half of what I need for rent. And I have nothing at all for anything else — internet, phone, electricity, food, etc. I […]

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

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IVR is becoming increasingly important in delivering Voice Value Added Services across certain business sectors. Our extensive telecommunications experience means we can provide the seamless integration of total IVR solutions. The ability for companies to offer voice telephony services via keypad or speech recognition platforms, including both live and recorded interactive voice tools, is a […]

Key to Success for Modern Day Businesses

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Marketing is the pertinent element to boost footprints of any business now days, when there is acute competition amongst same genres businesses. That’s why lot of different types of marketing strategies are being adopted by various companies – according to their budget and needs. Because of the saturation in conventional marketing ideas, now new ways […]

Branded SMS Marketing

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SMS (Short Message Service) marketing is also known as mobile marketing & text message marketing is the most modern way for companies to increase sales. In the present modern era, most of the businessmen are using this branded SMS to generate their sales in a very short span of time. That means, you can approach […]

ISSUE OF BACHELOR DEGREE (2-year/4-semester)

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Virtual University of Pakistan initiated two-year (four semesters) Bachelor degree program in the following disciplines w.e.f. Fall 2007 session that commenced on September 24, 2007. Name of Degree Department Faculty B.Sc. (Computer Science) Computer Science and Information Technology Computer Science and Information Technology BA (Business Administration) Management Sciences Management Bachelor of Commerce Management Sciences Management BA (Mass Communication) Mass Communication Arts […]