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Facebook to build housing in Silicon Valley for first time

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Germany’s BSI federal cyber agency aforementioned on Friday that the threat posed to German corporations by recent cyber attacks launched via a Ukrainian auditing code was bigger than expected, and a few German corporations had seen production halted for over per week.  Analyses by pc specialists showed that waves of attacks had been launched via […]

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Make your writing come alive

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Throughout high school and college, you’re going to be doing a lot of writing. Even if you major in math or science, you’ll still have to take plenty of humanities courses which will require you to write essays. If you love to write, then you have nothing to worry about. But if writing doesn’t come […]

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How to Write Your Best College Essay

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When someone reads your essay, they shouldn’t just be reading your words, they should also be feeling them. The mark of every great writer is their ability to evoke emotion from the reader. Every word you use and every sentence you compose should convey some type of feeling. How to Infuse Passion Into Your Essay […]

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Some Help, Please

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I had deeply hoped I could avoid this before publishing some new work; unfortunately, I can’t. With just a few days to go before the first of the month, I have only half of what I need for rent. And I have nothing at all for anything else — internet, phone, electricity, food, etc. I […]

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Double Trouble

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A very quick emergency bleg. I’ve been bedridden for most of the past month with horrible health problems. Very sorry for my continued absence. And I thought I had about $400 more than it turns out I actually have for the March rent. So I’m short by that amount. And then this morning, I’m having […]